Scaling Your team to Reach your Goals – THE DROP IN CEO™ Podcast

I enjoyed this conversation with Deb Coviello, The Drop In CEO™, exploring ways leaders can generate new capacity with their teams to scale their business.

Here is Deb’s summary:

On today’s episode Tom Hardison shares how to assess and empower your team to find the right roles for optimized productivity. Listen in as Tom and Deborah discuss leadership strategies for building confidence within your team, how to help individuals understand their potential, and why it’s important to ask what an employee really wants to accomplish before a promotion.

Tom Hardison helps leaders build great teams and organizations with a culture of collective leadership so they can scale from 200-1000+ employees. He led change and business growth initiatives at Hewlett Packard for 28 years, a period when revenue grew from 5 billion to 127 billion. He now uses this extensive experience to guide leaders and their teams to leverage the generative power of people working together to achieve sustainable growth.