Executive Coaching

Evolve your leadership for YOURSELF and the teams, organizations, and communities you serve.

Feeling like you are leading on auto-pilot?

To survive amidst the busyness of life, our body and brains automate the way we respond, to free up our conscious thinking for just a few things. Much of the way we lead personally and professionally is put on “auto-pilot”, using our unconscious reactions. 

This works for us until it doesn’t.

As we advance in our careers, development feedback becomes increasingly more important, yet more infrequent, and more unreliable. With increasingly complex demands of work and life, we reach a point where we can feel limited or stuck reacting to situations and events arising around us.

Our opportunity is to discover new growth opportunities, explore the patterns that hold us back, and evolve new ways to courageously lead and create more effectively.

Our intention is to become a better leader for the people and teams we work with and to demonstrate the power of cultivating leadership mastery.

Executive Coaching Will Expand Your Leadership

Executive Coaching will assist you to evolve your leadership for yourself and the teams, organizations, and communities you serve. We focus on what assists you in the context of your current role and prepares you for the future. 

Do you want to:

  • Grow your leadership to reach higher levels of performance?
  • Build presence, resilience, and courage to lead amidst uncertainty and risk?
  • Navigate significant change and complexity with clarity and confidence?
  • Develop the leaders and teams around you?

Become A Better Leader In Your Current Role
And Prepare For Your Future

  • Create clear intentions and commitments to pursue specific outcomes?
  • Grow your capacity to see and address what is holding you back?
  • Commit to doing the work to learn, grow and embody new capabilities to make a lasting impact for your business and the people around you?

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Our Executive Coaching Process

Here’s how we work together to reach the meaningful outcome you are pursuing


Establish a Coaching Agreement 


Begin with a planning conversation to guide and map our journey. 


 Create a customized development plan based on an assessment of current effectiveness, incorporating insights from people around you 


We will connect in bi-weekly coaching conversations to develop specific competencies to enable you to reach the meaningful outcomes you are pursuing. 


We will partner together with three in-person development days coupled with hour-long coaching over the course of 12 months.

Schedule a Leadership Breakthrough Conversation
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