Executive & Team Coaching

Accelerate Your Individual and Team Effectiveness

Teams are a microcosm of the organization

yet their growth and development are often overlooked.

Together we can greatly accelerate your individual and collective team effectiveness.

We start by observing the current state and articulating the desired state needed to deliver on the purpose and goals of the organization.

The “gap” between current reality and the desired future generates creative tension and reveals opportunities for growth and development.

Executive & Team Coaching Process

We customize our approach for each client,
co-creating the scope together

If we agree to work together, we partner to create lasting results using frameworks, principles, practices, and programs that build on the current situation and cultivate the capacities to achieve desired outcomes. We customize our approach for each client, co-creating the scope together.

Executive Team coaching


  • Each leader navigates an iterative spiral of observe, identify, develop, practice, and reflect that evolves as it deepens.
  • They expand leadership capacity and develop presence, courage, and adaptability.


  • Teams also experience an iterative spiral of observe, assess, design, co-create and review.
  • They evolve as they expand collective leadership capacity and foster innovation, agility, and adaptability.

Learning and growth occur synergistically as teams develop
and individuals grow their capacity and contributions to the team.

Alchemy of Teams

8 steps to cultivate
collective mastery

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