To scale your business,

grow your leadership

Your organization is a complex, adaptive organism.

your leadership determines its capacity to thrive.

Rapid growth creates both great
opportunities and great challenges.

As businesses scale, serving more customers and adding more employees, complexity increases exponentially. The processes and practices that got you here begin to break down. The rate of change can leave your people feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out to the point of disengagement.

  • Managers may not evolve with their changing responsibilities fast enough, turning to micromanage or under-managing as a default.
  • For leaders themselves, change and the demands of growth can trigger fears of failure, vulnerability and mind-melting overwhelm.
  • Team effectiveness can break down as the context around them changes.
  • Significant events, like economic downturns, pandemics, mergers, or being acquired, can upset the whole system and your best people may leave, burnout, or begin to underperform.

These very human reactions can hold your business back from achieving the outcomes you’ve worked so hard for.

Cultivating Generative Leadership

Rapid growth creates both great opportunities and great challenges. To ensure your organization continues to thrive, even under new pressures, you need an approach to leadership that is designed to help everyone adapt and create with change. 

Cultivating Generative Leadership is a holistic approach that leverages the synergistic power of people working and learning together to achieve sustainable growth.

The Generative leadership philosophy and approach

I’m Tom Hardison

I help CEOs and their teams
cultivate generative leadership mastery so they can sustainably scale their businesses.

How we can cultivate Generative leadership together


Develop yourself so you can mentor and develop leaders who are equipped to support growth.

 Executive &
Team Coaching

Build stronger, more creative and engaged leaders and teams so you can scale the business.

 Generative Leadership
Coaching & Consulting

Create a culture of generative leadership mastery so you can build an organization that lasts.

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